is about everyone’s love of fashion, beauty, home and garden from a dream Couture dress to a pair of affordable shoes or designer chair.

What is right and what is wrong in fashion? As in beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. So who are we to judge what is style and what is vile? Well, when it comes to fashion, know-one can really judge another persons taste in clothing or the appearance they create for themselves, as we are all individual and see things very differently.

So we invite you to join us and embrace who you are. Whether it is celebrity style and beauty you admire or just something you adore the look of, if you love it, why not snap it to your collection. And if you know where it can be bought from, we would love you to share this information with us.

We create who we are from visually gathering information from others, whether it’s from a magazine, watching a film or walking down the street, so lets get snapping and inspire each other with some great fashion ideas.

Don’t forget, It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about what you love.

– SnapFashionista Team