Here at, we do not condone copyright theft by anyone using or uploading material to the website. is intended for registered users to upload their own fashion images from their mobile device or from their own website, store or other websites that they have permission to use images from, allowing them to show off fashion and styles they like, comment on, criticise and review the fashion presented.

How We Deal With Copyright has several preventive measures in place to help stop copyright theft:

1. We have the ability to ban URLs so any images can not be taken directly from the banned site.

2. We have a way of deleting images from the site, that will result in the image being removed from any collections and single posts featuring the image across the whole website.

3. We can close and delete registered users accounts if necessary.

4. We only allow ‘uploading’ of images if taken directly from a mobile device’s camera by registered users.

5. Before adding an image from a website using a desktop or mobile device, we remind registered users not to infringe any copyrights.

6. All single pages featuring an image has a ‘Report’ button when viewed with a desktop device, allowing anyone who visits the ability to report the image for inappropriate content. This copyright policy is also available on the menu in the header on every page.

7. Website owners can add the following meta tag to their website on any page they wish to prevent images being used: <meta name=”snapfashionista” content=”no snap”/>

How Do Images Find Their Way Onto

Registered users either take an image using their mobile deivce’s camera or import images from websites using our ‘Snap’ function.

How Are Images Being Used On

Images are displayed as single posts allowing registered users the ability to comment on, criticise or review the fashion and style presented. Each post always links back to the website the image was from or if uploaded, links back to the uploaders profile, allowing users to learn more about them. Registered users can ‘ReSnap’ any images they like to their own collections and these also retain the same information, including which other registered user they took the photo from and who originally uploaded it. Registered users can also upload a background image that is displayed on their profile page and an avatar image that is used throughout the site to identify the registered user.

Information And Quality Of Images

All images uploaded or ‘Snapped’ are resized to a thumbnail, lowered in quality and cropped so they are always inferior to the original image. Any meta or EXIF data is stripped to protect the privacy of the user who uploaded it. We encourage users to view the full version on the website the user found the image.

How Can I Get My Images Removed From

If you find your copyrighted images on and don’t want them there, please let us know. has a formal copyright notification process and once you notify us, we will try to take your images down within 10 business day. To make it as simple as possible, copyright owners can submit takedown requests directly through our online form:

Copyright Takedown Online Form