With the recent launch of the site, we have started to listen to feedback from our members and have added some new updates and tweaks that hopefully make it easier for all our members and visitors to use the site.

Home Page/Search Results/Category Pages

We have added excerpts at the bottom of each snap so you can have a taste of what the snap is all about, if you like the snap and are interested to find out more, the full text is available when you click through.

Add/Edit Snap Description

As requested, the limit on the description for both ‘Add Snap’ and ‘Edit Snap’ has been increased from 250 characters to 500 characters, giving you twice the amount of room.

Image Effects

The image effects has been redesigned to work with all mobile devices, including iPads and iPhones. Added functions include a percentage (%) showing how much of your snap is uploaded and it now lets you know that what effect is being applied, so you no longer have to guess if you actually pressed the correct effect!

As always, we will keep you updated to any more news.

– SnapFashionista Team